Ayurvedic Diabetes Treatment

ayurvedic diabetes treatment in Kerala

In the present scenario Diabetes Mellitus (DM) has become a major health concern among the medical fraternity. It is mainly seemed to be affecting the middle aged group irrespective of sex. The prevalence of DM is ever on the rise. Irregular food habits, lack of exercise and stress are the important causative factors that make an individual more prone to develop DM at an early age. India has been projected by the WHO as the country with the fastest growing population of DM.

This metabolic disorder causes tissue damage, so even if the blood sugar levels are kept under control with medicines, it can damage eyes, kidneys or other vital organs later on.

Ayurvedic Diabetes Treatment

Ayurveda does not regard Diabetes as disease that can be treated by mere medicine or by dietary regimen. Madhumeha is classified as a Maha Rog (Major Disease) because, if not treated in time, it can lead to several complications in the body, including eye problems, joint pains, impotency, kidney failure, sexual and urological problems, and more. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and it cannot be merely treated by controlling sugar levels. The treatment recommended in Ayurveda - as against modern medicine - is aimed at rejuvenating the body to not only balance sugar levels, but also ensuring that no further complication is caused.

ayurvedic diabetes treatment

Pathya Ayurvedic Diabetes Treatment Includes:

Pathya's Ayurvedic Treatment for diabetes combines Ayurvedic treatments, medicines, diet and lifestyle recommendations which can cut down medicine-dependence and treats the root cause.

Our Ayurvedic diabetes treatment package targets the pancreas and stimulates greater insulin production to control your sugar levels. With health sugar metabolism, you will never have irregular spikes in your blood sugar. This means you can avoid all the severe side effects that diabetes can cause.

No longer do you have to worry about neurological damage or diabetes neuropathies. This package gives you the freedom to lead a healthy and happy life without having to constantly worry about what you are putting on your plate. With long term use, and a little weight management, you can even go back to eating without too many restrictions.