Stress Management Treatment

ayurvedic stress management

Stress has become a major health concern with the advent of a fast-paced life in a competitive environment with a sedentary life. Stress is a complex concept that include both mental and physiological components. Heavy pressure to mind leads to stress. If stress become chronic, it affects your immune system and also reduces body resistance power.

Without peace of mind, we can't enjoy all the good things in life. It doesn't matter how healthy our body may be, or how many assets, friends, family, pleasures, name and fame we may possess. Stress plays a role in the onset of just about every disease people face, from the common cold to heart disease. Not only stress is invisible, it is created by person who is affected by it. This realization helps people understand that, just as they have the ability to create the experience of stress, they also have the ability to create the experience of peace of mind. Ayurveda is a path to personal power, helping people learn how to gain control over the mind. Once in control, a person is no longer the slave of their thought process but rather its master.

According to Ayurveda, stress on the body and mind is the primary reason for all problems - physical, mental, social, family, relationships, economical and spiritual problems in our life. Ayurvedic texts says that an excess of 'rajas' lies at the root of stress. Rajas is one of the three gunas or qualities that are universal in nature. Excess rajas results in craving, attachment, and desire which in turn lead to stress. Now, depending on your constitution, this vitiates the doshas or elements present in your body.

Panchakarma therapy is a treatment meant to evacuate vitiated dosha and detoxify your mind your body. Panchakarma detox therapies can be really helpful not only in relieving stress but also in maintaining and enhancing your mental and physical health.

Pre Purification Therapies

Pre purification therapies are generally suggested to prepare you for detox


This is an oleation therapy which involves taking ghee medicated with ingredients on an empty stomach.


This therapy involves continously pouring a stream of warm medicated oil on the body as well as massage with medicated oil. It is meant to induce active perspiration.


This involves the application of a paste of medicinal herbs on the whole body or certain parts.


In this therapy warm medicated oil is gently poured in a continues stream on the forehead. It is thought to work mainly on the mental sheath, since mental sheath is the place where the mind holds on to past impressions and where imbalanced desires and habits are formed.


This therapy involves rhythmically pouring medicated milk over your forehead or body.

Panchakarma Treatments - Main Purification Therapies


This therapy involves pouring medicated oil into the nostrils. It is thought to open up channels, enabling the herbal extracts to work directly on your central nervous system.


During this therapy, evacuation of the bowels is initiated through herbs. This helps eliminate toxic wastes.


Vasti is enema therapy which is designed to cleanse your colon. Medicines are introduced into the body through the anal route for evacuating accumulated metabolic wastes and toxins.