Kerala Panchakarma Treatment

panchakarma treatmeent in kerala

Kerala Panchakarma Treatment

According to Ayurveda, the unique therapy of Panchakarma completely removes toxins from the body and mind. Panchakarma is a sanskrit word that means "five actions" or "five treatments". This is a process used to clean the body of toxic materials left by disease, poor nutrition and environmental toxins. Panchakarma can be administered in two types :

  • Palliation Therapy
  • Purification Therapy

Palliation Therapy and Purification Therapy

The palliation therapy is targeted at to have stimulation action on the digestive fire (agni) in order to burn the toxins, so called ama of Ayurveda. The main function of purification therapy, known as Shodhana in Ayurveda is elimination of vitiated humours.

The first step involved in Panchakarma therapy is the consultation of doctor. The doctor will diagnose the individual health condition. After that a specific treatment protocol will be decided including the individuals lifestyle changes, dietary recommendations, prescription of herbs and a specific panchakarma treatment.

The panchakarma treatment in kerala is divided in to two parts:
  • Purva Karma ( Preliminary practices)
  • Paschat Karma ( After practices)

Purva Karma (Pre- Satge)

Preliminary stage is called as Purva Karma in Ayurveda. Purva Karma is aimed at preliminary detoxification resulting in neutralization of toxins. Purva Karma is carried out before the principal procedure of Panchakarma. Snehana and Swedana are integral part of Purva Karma.

Snehana - In this process medicated ghee is given to the patient in increasing doses and it helps to aggravate and liquefy the fat soluble toxins deposited in the deep tissues.

Swedana - Swedana means steaming, In this process full body steam bath is given to the patient which helps to open up the body channels and heat helps to liquefy the toxins even more facilitates their movement from the tissues to the digestive tract.

Pradhana Karma ( Main Procedure )

It includes all the panchakarma procedures. It is the most essential step in curing patients from the disease. And to remove the toxins, which are liquefied by preparatory treatments. These are

Vamana ( Therapeutic Vomiting)

Vamana is one treatment among panchakarma for kapha predominating disorders. After proper preparation of the individual through poorvakarmas for about 5-7 days, therapeutic induced vomiting is done by giving emetic drugs orally along with a large quantity of medicinal liquids.

Virechana ( Therapeutic Purgation)

Virechana is one of the panchakarma procedure for pitta predominating disorders. After proper preparation of the individual through poorvakarmas for about 5 to 7 days, virechanam is done by oral administration of laxative herbs.


Vasti means administration of medicine through nasal route. This treatment will cleanse and strengthen the nasal passages, allowing breathing fully and easily.


This is mainly used in the diseases resulting from aggravation of toxins in the blood. It is done with needles, leeches or suction cups.

Paschat Karma ( Post care )

Paschat Karma means after care, In this certain precautions are taken after finish the main procedure to get the full benefit of the Panchakarma. It includes certain rejuvenating treatments and Rasyana Therapy, lifestyle management, diet management, intake of herbal supplements etc.