PATHYA AYURVEDAThe Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Kovalam, Kerala

Pathya Ayurveda is a complete Ayurvedic treatment centre in Kovalam, Kerala where you'll have the honor of being administered with the best of all Kerala Ayurveda treatments and Panchakarma treatments in all their purity and wholeness, along with the wellness of Yoga. Our Ayurvedic treatment packages consisting of 7/14/21 days. Kerala had always been and continues to be one of the preferred destinations of Ayurvedic treatment for people all over the World.

The ideal geographical location of the state beside its salubrious climate has given its air a magic healing bit and has created internal purification and rejuvenation therapies greatly effective for the treatment of the many psychoneurotic disorders. Also helping to the cause is that the availability in abundance and easiness of raw drug and fresh herbs, extremely experienced , qualifies and commited doctors and therapist, among the many other favorite conditions at Pathya ayurveda, we specialize in the authentic application of ayurveda, the art of healing, in its best and purest form.

We also firmly uphold the great and wealthy tradition of Kerala where our gurus has passed on to us the art and responsibility of curing individuals with care and compassion. we have customized treatment for your body based on our understanding of its specific needs. Since we totally understand and worth the importance of your time that is pay with us here, we assure you with the best and efficient specific treatment regimes for systemic and general well being to make the most out of it.

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authentic ayurvedic treatments

Sink into the care of our experience Ayurvedic doctors with a range of carefully curated treatments, designed to give you a holistic wellness experience at Pathya Ayurveda

special panchakarma treatment
Pathya's Special Panchakarma

In Ayurveda, there are five different procedures to cleanse the body of toxins. Together they are known as Panchakarma. They are vomiting, purgationwith medicines, enemas,

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special massage

This is a special form of massage which helps to relax the body and mind, and activate all body systems. Your consciousness becomes more sensitive, vigorous and you feel the joy of a rejuvenated life.

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spiritual & mystic healing
Spiritual Healing & Mystic Healing

It is a combination of traditional Ayurveda therapy and ypga .Healing has two dimensions, physical and mental. The healer who has reached a higher spiritual level can with a touch

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This is vigorous type ofkerala traditional massage , performed by using the pressure of the masseurs feet. It gives suppleness to the joints, elasticity to the muscles and is excellent for athletes and sportsman,

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