Chavitti Thirummal Ayurvedic Treatment

chavitti thirummal ayurvedic treatment

Chavitti Thirummal

Chavitti Thirummal ayurvedic treatment, the Keralite massage with the foot, is an inseparable part of Kerala traditions. This is a special whole body massage using the feet instead of hands. It is a unique therapy where therapists holds on to the rope and balance himself with one rope and gives massage with other foot. Here the full body weight is used to give the powerful and strong massage.

Chavitti Thirummal ayurvedic treatment literally means foot pressure in the malayalam language, and also known as foor massage. It is a traditional Indian massage technique developed by the Kalari Martial Artists ( Kalaripayattu) , and it is thought to be approximately 2000 years old. Chavitti Thirummal increases flexibility in such a way that the position of treated person on the floor is found and the therapist holds on to a rope to provide support in an immense manner.

Chavitti Thirummal ayurvedic treatment maintains suppleness in the body and for treating pain and swelling caused by combat. It is equally suitable as a treatment for those not involved in regular or strenuous physical exercise and wishing to maintain their own fitness and well being.

Chaviiti thirummal ayurvedic treatment is helpful for the people coming from the fields of sports, dancers, performers and martial arts practitioners foe whom keeping the body supple becomes indispensable.

Benefits of Chavittithirummal ayurvedic treatment

  • It relieves back pain and muscle spasm
  • Relieve deep seated pain
  • Clear troublesome emotions and psychological blocks
  • Assist the body in initiating its own detoxification process and encourage self healing
  • It Improves the suppleness, flexibility