Ayurvedic Skin Care Treatment

ayurvedic skin care treatment kerala

Ayurveda is the science of life that teaches about nature, power and various elements. Ayurveda teach us how to keep an individual healthy, both externally and internally. The cleansing treatment of panchakarma therapies focuses on keeping the inner body healthy, which is reflected in the apparent features like skin, hair, face, nails etc.

At Shiva, we not only offer treatment to heal internal problems but also prefer the best reformative Ayurvedic skin care treatment to keep the external features healthy, youthful and radiant. We use a blend of medicated herbs and products to give you a rejuvenated and relaxing experience.

Our Ayurvedic Skin care treatment includes:

Mukha Lepam:

We have a range of amazing face packs for all skin types and skin problems. Our face packs are created by our in house ayurveda experts and ayurveda doctors to meet everyone's need. Our herbal face packs works wonders on the skin with the issues like acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone etc.

Pada Abhyanga

Pada abhyanga is a foot massage therapy done with the help of medicated herbal oils. The therapy relaxes the body and the muscles. It also gives a soothing effect on the head, neck and back.

Shiro Mukha Abhyanga

This therapy includes both hair treatment as well as skin treatment. This therapy is best for those who want to eliminate stress from their head, shoulders, neck and face in a single shot. Medicated herbs and oils used in this treatment will gently relax your body and also gives you long time benefits.


This herbal facial is designed for those who want to repair their skin from tanning, uneven skin tone, remove dark spots and pigmentation. The facial includes herbal plant extracts and essential oils. This facial will refresh your skin, makes you look radiant and brings back the lost glow.

Twak Prasadanam

This therapy focuses on the whole body and is performed in four stages. The first stage constitutes full body massage that helps you relax, and in the second stage herbal pack made of medicinal plants is applied to the whole body. Then the body is covered with banana leaves for deeper penetration. in the third stage, the body is washed followed by a milk bath. This therapy will relax the body and also gives you a smooth and glowing skin.